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Melbourne Polytechnic Learning Management Platform

Melbourne Polytechnic provides an online learning experience that is engaging and interactive. All students will get access to the Melbourne Polytechnic student learning management system, where students can obtain a quality learning experience. Students will be guided for the use of the LMS at the Orientation, along with the access to a vast amount of study resources and for the purpose of course progression.

Library and Study Resources

AUC has a modern and up-to-date library and resource center that is critical to students' academic achievement. The learning process necessitates further reading, research, and self-study. The resources must be readily available, up to date, and accessible in real time. As a result, AUC offers students a well equipped library and resource center with a large variety of books, research papers, and journals relevant to all topics studied at AUC, thus assisting students in their academic learning process.

Hangout Lounge

AUC recognizes that a student's academic life becomes an important part of his or her daily routine, with study taking up the majority of the day. During the study process, the academic institution becomes his or her second home. As a result, we have created spaces throughout AUC where students may network, talk, research, study, or simply rest and unwind in between classes. Furthermore, we have included some game equipment to add a little fun and amusement to the picture, ensuring that hard work and play are in necessary balance, boosting the student's general wellness.

Modern Equipped Classrooms

AUC has state-of-the-art, large and small lecture halls with cutting-edge audio visual equipment that offers students a pleasant and results-oriented learning environment. The lecture halls have a capacity of up to more than 80 pupils. At AUC, we recognize that in order to maximize a student's potential, the atmosphere in which he or she receives information is critical. As a result, we've built environments that encourage students to reach their full potential while also offering a cutting-edge, entertaining, and interactive learning experience.

Student Support Services

Starting university education at such a pivotal point in one's life might be difficult for some. Everyone can benefit from a helping hand at times, whether it's due to being in a strange area, being away from home, or unanticipated academic or personal issues. We provide a variety of services to make your move to university as smooth and stress-free as possible, and to assist with the development of a variety of academic and practical skills. Visit our student support counsellors to obtain the service and pave the path to success to your life with AUC.

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